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Nowadays, everyone has a saying about credit cards – make sure not to drop it, where to place it, how much money should you own on it and also, how much money can you get out of it from time to time. Believe it or not, it has all to do with money – because, as well all know, every single person has to say something in regards to that. Still, things must change, and this is the moment when we decide that we should take a break and start discussing what is real and what is not. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to find more about the most common credit card lies!


  1. Do Not Cancel Your Credit Card

Oh, really? So what would you like to do, leave your bank get the annual fee out of it and come up at the end of the year with a sum for nothing but some service that you did not use, not at all? Well, it is rather important not to leave them take your money out of nothing, but keep things as they are and as they go by changing the line – in your favor. If you do not use it any longer, make sure to cancel it so that you will not be obliged to pay a single cent for nothing, ever again!

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  1. Losing Your Credit History Once Canceling the Credit Card

Believe it or not, this is one myth that you should not believe – not at all. As you cancel your credit card, the entire history of your payments remain on it as long as you live – or at least, for 10 years. This means that you will be able to show your good payments and remain on the safe list whenever you wish to make a credit, thus everything is for the good and nothing for the bad.


  1. Don’t Have Too Many Credit Cards

Well, who said that? You can have as many as you can and even link them in such a way that they can communicate and keep on trasfering data from one to another, no matter what. By this way, you can keep your money safe and sound and also, make sure not to be taken an aditional fee at the ATMs when you have a different bank.


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