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Did it happen to you to turn your work place into your second home? Is the environment you are currently working on a real headache for you? We all know that work, in its most accurate form is something that does not always come as a pleasure to most of us. But how would it feel to, above that, have a real stubborn boss that always threatens you with dismissing? Well, believe it or not, it is not a secret since it is a really common situation to most of us.

Having to deal with a bossy boss really seems to be, in most cases, a delicate situation to keep an eye on and learn how to gestionate it. These being said, in order to make the conversation and behavior easier for you to take up when happening to deal with a bossy boss, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye on the following lines to get a better understading over the problem!

Learn to build a shield

These days, having a sheild of your own is a must in case you wish to continue your work as you should. Not only will you gain respect, but psychologically speaking, a bossy boss is more fond to the ones who are completely aware of their strengths and limitations and are not intimidated by someone speaking a little different with them than usual.

Agree and disagree

Keep in your mind there is a really thin line between what you should agree and what not. One tip we have prepared for you from our personal experience consists in agreeing with what he says to you, his oppinions but at the same time do what you have to do regardless of his speech. In general, bosses don’t remember most of what they say, especially details, and here is where you should stop and think twice before doing anything he says to you. In fact, according to most studies, what a boss says is just the little part – the rest of it regards your imagiation – here is where the magic begins.

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Forget about yesterday

Most of the bosses any of us come across with are known to be cholerics – it is not their fault, this is exactly how they were born, but it is up to you how to deal with them. In general, cholerics forget fast what they said one moment ago or what they did. In this case, they will not ever remember whether or not the other day you were crying out your minds because of tons of work you had on your hands. So, what could be the best solution in this case? Learn to forget and keep your head on for tomorrow!


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