Life is never straight forward. You can spend years scrimping and saving for those big events that require an incredible amount of time and planning, not to mention money. So why is it that many people find themselves struggling financially when the unexpected happens?

Insurance companies imply that their policies will cover an individual against almost anything. Floods, fires and theft, a home can be covered against them all. But do insurance companies cover you against your daughter’s insanely extravagant wedding, your son’s extra decade at university or your childless neighbour’s funeral? In reality, life can’t fit into a three part application form. Plus, the timing is all wrong.

There are three main life events that are proven to cause much stress and tension within an individual. Those are marriage, moving house and divorce. Whilst the first two are often planned events, giving people time to save and comfortably afford their purchases, divorce is something that comes as an unexpected turn in an individual’s life.

The stress of divorce is bad enough without the added pressure of financial strain. Whilst you and your, soon to be ex, partner may appear to be civil with one another and have come to agreements on the final settlement, the cost of the whole process can be a complete shock.

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Depending on individual circumstances, a divorce can be completed relatively quickly with minimal costs. However, it is essential that legal advice is obtained before any papers or settlements are agreed in written form. Once both parties are satisfied with the dividing of assets, child arrangements and other personal factors, solicitor’s fees can be paid and the divorce can become finalised.

Life has its own way of putting pressure on our finances. Whilst some can be easy to prepare for, others put serious strain on our bank balances. It is essential that that special fund for a ‘rainy day’ remains untouched until it pours.