A student generally takes a loan for education in high school. The phenomenon to take loan is very common among students. The student loan is taken to pay the fees at high school. This loan is very useful for every student. They pay the tuition fees and there are other costs to be handled as well. At times student fail to make payments of the loan that they have taken. The problem arises in such a situation.

Defaulted student loans have a very negative impact. You must be wondering on how a student loan becomes a defaulted student loan. Well, when a loan is sanctioned the student is informed to pay the loan after he gets a job. There are specific interest rates attached to this loan. The time frame to repay the loan is also different from loan.

A defaulted student loan accumulates finance charges. These charges are referred as late payment charges, which the bank levies when a loan is not paid. With these charges the loan becomes a huge one. A student must try and come out this circle. The consequences are not very good. It affects the credit history of the candidate. The student might face problem in getting the next loan.

There are several ways to handle defaulted student loans. There can be genuine reason for the student for not being able to pay the loan. In such a case the student must speak with the bank. There are legal ways to repay the loan. Generally the loan that does not get paid gets transferred to the collection agency. This agency then tries to collect the money from the student. The loan becomes a defaulted student loan when no payment is received by the bank within 270 days. Hence the student gets a bad credit.

If you are worried about the credit history then you can stop worrying. Once the student starts paying the loan then he might rectify his credit history. At times getting a loan for a student becomes a problem if he has defaulted in payment. It is to be noted that it is the bank who decide sanctioning of the loan.  To get out of the defaulted student loan there are rehabilitation system. Legal actions can also be taken to clear the defaulted loan.

It is important that you clear the defaulted loan as you might face problem later. Once you pay the loan you might be eligible for the next loan too.

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