Dharma Marchant Services have set the bar in ethical credit card processing they have cutting edge online systems and have a great work ethic even giving nonprofit organizations reduced service costs to give something back let’s look at why they are leading the way with many happy merchants.

Is there Need of having a third part firm to prove my Dharma Compliance?

There is no need of having third parties. All the new Dharma built accounts can always be assessed for free online. The free online access includes PCI compliance questionnaire. You can always log in using the credentials you have been supplied with and you will be able to successfully complete the entire PCI compliance requirements without the need of involving a third party.

What are the recommended Dharma POS systems?

You have been asked such a question before. There are many POS providers currently available in the market. However, Dharma knowledge base has always insisted in promoting a particular POS because they have never been confident in any other product.

How do Dharma gives back?

Dharma funding tenet is helping those in need. We usually make discretionary donations to various needy organizations every year. We also give each of the employees’ freedom to select a specific organization to benefit from a large donation every year.

What is POS System?

Point of sale system refers to an integrated, fully featured system which has been specifically designed to handle all the store front needs of the business. The POS used to be just and ordinary cash register during the old days.

Can ACH or checks payments through Authorize.net be accepted?

eChecks which are also known as the ACH payments are accepted by Authorize.net. The payment is done directly through the Virtual Terminal. You can always set up recurring payments using the eChecks. This enables you to provide monthly/quarterly payments to your members or customers. All you need to enter is the routing number when entering the eCheck payment.

Am I able to transfer my compliance to Dharma if am already PCI Compliant?

Yes, it is possible! However, you will be required to produce your PCI compliance certificate issued by your PCI vendor or the current provider. Once you have provided the document, your new Dharma account will be updated to reflect the active PCI status.

Is Dharma and POS Integration possible?

There are chances that Dharma can be integrated with the Point of Sale system. Most of the POS systems have been designed to be “processor agnostic???. This means you can always use your POS system with any of the merchant service provider you prefer.

Signature-Debit or Pin- Debit?

This is a very common question to most of the retail merchants. Most merchants are usually concerned on whether to accept the pin-Debit.

What is Terminal Application?

There is little difference between terminal application and MCC codes. The credit card terminals are usually made up of specific software which is downloaded to them to enable specific types of transactions to take place. Having an incorrect terminal application would prevent certain types of transactions.

Is Dharma able to donate to my organization?

Dharma loves funding great organizations every year. However, there few basic qualifications we look after for an organization to benefit from our donations.