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There are many reasons for the businesses of today to embrace Social media and tap its potential to expand the product reach. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook acts as the ideal medium for the business owners to interact with different types of customers. Business owner can actually understand whether their product or service is being liked by their customers through the re tweets done in the Twitter platform and the Likes obtained in the Facebook page.

Social media Benefits

The digital and social media like pelicanpr can help the businesses to reach a wider section of the global market place, not just the local geography. There are a number of social media tools that can help in expanding the business foot print by providing the following benefits:

Better Customer Engagement

Social media tools such as Google + comes with the required set of features that would enable the business owners to follow people relevant to their business. By establishing a rapport with such active relevant people, there is a great possibility of the lead getting converted in to a permanent customer. Finding the correct set of people is made easier by the availability of customized search options in Google + that would enable the business owner to search for people in their circles and Hangouts. By providing updates on a regular basis about new product offers to this group, there are very good chances of converting these leads in to a confirmed sale.


Using social media tools to promote business marketing events

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Social media tools such as Facebook and Google + comes with the Events service option, which would help the business owners and top executives in the company to promote their webinars or online product launch events in a much more effective manner. Users attending the live event can share their photos on a common photo streaming application available with the social media platforms. The event organizer can send instant e-Mail reminders to the confirmed guests about the start time of the event. These E-mail reminders can also be sent to the smart phones of the targeted user group.

Analytics Capability

Social media platforms such as Google + and Facebook provide analytics tool to generate metrics that would provide key information regarding the traffic flow to the business web site. There are options available to generate reports regarding which social media site provides more traffic to the business web site. They can also provide information regarding the behavior of the social media visitors once they enter the business web site.

Continuous Development and Availability of Apps

There is a large online development community waiting to develop user friendly apps that can be used by the business owners to leverage the benefits provided by digital and social media. These developers create widgets that can be used to integrate the business web site with the company’s Facebook or Google + page. Developers have also come out with directories and databases that would contain back ground information regarding the active followers to the business twitter page, active business Facebook page viewers and the Google + business page viewers. This would help the business owner to come up with innovative marketing approaches to provide increased value to the existing customers.

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