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A competitive marketplace has meant that the layer of cream on a company’s bottom line is thinner than ever before. It’s even harder than it has ever been to make a profit, which means company owners have to go to extreme lengths to make their dollar go further. One way to do that is with the outsourcing of business functions. What should you leave in the capable hands of an external source for greater efficiency and profits? These five business functions are an excellent place to start:

Business Information Technology 

Technology can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. When it’s working at its best, it’s a fantastic thing to have. When it’s not, you’re in a lot of trouble. Your workers can spend unnecessary time trying to fix something they are not experienced or qualified enough to handle.

That’s why outsourcing business IT support may be the way to go. You can leave all your computer repairs and maintenance in the hands of an expert and free up your team’s time for more critical tasks. You can also solve problems far quicker than if you tried to fix it yourself. Contact a local IT expert and they will be on the case in no time.

Data Entry 

Data entry doesn’t take much skill, but it sure takes up time. Time equals money, and the more you can save, the better. Some companies exist for the sole purpose of taking on outsourced data entry work. They charge a competitive rate, complete the job in your timeframe, then deliver it back when it’s finished. Such a business can mean your experienced workers can focus on money-making tasks, rather than necessary but time-consuming ones.

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Accounting & Payroll 

Accounting and payroll is not something you want to get wrong, but for the sake of money-saving, many businesses keep it in house. However, this time-consuming task is one that requires an expert with legislation, money, and taxes. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a world of hurt if you have made some incorrect calculations. For better efficiency in your workplace, consider outsourcing this job. There are more benefits to doing so than you may think.


How the average business markets itself is changing at a rapid pace. It sure can be hard to keep up! If marketing is taking up too much of your time and money and you do not see results, then outsource it. Leave the advertising and marketing of your products and services in the capable hands of a field expert, or an online marketing agency in the case of web-based businesses. They can show you where you’re going wrong, what you need to do, and can even take the reins.

Customer Support  

Over 80 percent of consumers want an immediate response to their marketing or sales inquiries, but are you able to provide that? If you don’t offer 24/7 customer service, you may lose more customers than you think. That’s why one of the most vital business functions to outsource is customer service. You can remain “open for business” 24/7 and never miss the chance to bring a new customer on board.

It can be hard to run a business at a profit when you keep all your processes in-house. In this day, it makes sense to outsource many operations for customer convenience and the benefit of your bottom line. Consider outsourcing your marketing, payroll and accounting, customer service, and even your IT support. Your in-house team will enjoy being able to focus more on making you money than those time-consuming tasks. 

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