Image courtesy of John Twohig

There are many people that swear by certain brands and think that they are far superior than any others. However, some people may not agree with them. It can be a subjective matter and it is sometimes hard to know whether it is worth paying more for better brands.

It would seem to make sense that by paying more money, you will get a better quality product. You would think that the more you pay, the better the quality and the less you pay the worse the quality, but this simply is not true. Sometimes you are just paying more for marketing and the product you get is not different to a cheaper generic one. However, it is hard to know whether this is the case for all products or just some of them.

One way to find out is to try different ones. If this is something that you consume a lot, such as certain food, for example, you can try a range of brands and decide whether you like certain types better than others. However, if you are deciding between a cheap or expensive car, you cannot try them out. In this case you will need to rely on reviews and talking to salespeople as well as test driving it. With clothing, you may be able to try on some different types to get a feel on the comfort, material and things like that, but you will not know how well it will wash or how well it will wear.

Reviews can therefore be very useful and will allow you to find out whether other people like the products. Some items are easier to find reviews of than others, but with the Internet you should be able to find some. It can be good to also talk to family and friends if you are thinking of buying an expensive product and are not sure which brand to buy. They may have already had experience of buying such a thing and will be able to share their experiences with you.

The fact that price does not reflect quality can make shopping very difficult. If you can only afford the cheapest, then that is what you will have to buy, but if you can afford to pay more, then you will want to buy the item that gives you the best value for money. Not only can this be difficult to calculate anyway, it can be subjective depending on how much the look, brand name etc are worth to you. It is therefore difficult to know exactly whether it will be paying more because there are so many factors that have to be taken into consideration.

You may also have an idea of how much you are prepared to spend on something which could fit in with your budget or just your idea of fair pricing. This will have an influence on what you buy as well, possibly regardless of the potential value for money. Of course, the benefits that you get for paying more maybe more useful for some people than for others. For example, let’s say you pay more for jeans and as a result they do not wear out as quickly, but they are for a child that is growing fast and doesn’t wear clothes out before they grow out of them.  The benefits are good, but they are not relevant and therefore not worth the extra money.