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We live in the era of technology, where having no smartphone is not a solution. We tend to love our digits that much that we do not seem to be able to live without them. People already know that, but it is hard for them to see their dependance. Unfortunately though, things are quite difficult to be changed. We really use at least one gadget per day, let alone we live among them. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to see how your mood is chaning just when you own a smartphone.


  1. Effect on Image and Happiness

Believe it or not, a simple smartphone can have a major impact on our well being. When you text, tweet or read something from your smartphone, your gestures and body posture resembles the same as when you are depressed – low sholders, eyes laid down and we, ourselves, entering a different world. The same principle applies to when we are depressed, so our body resembles the example and sooner or later, it just react as if we were that way. Thus, it affects our image and happiness, making we believe that each day is a harsh way to keep it up with the conditions imposed by the society.


  1. Ruining the Posture

Studies have concluded that the worse we posture ourselves, the more stressed we are. Regardless of our beliefs, it is quite the resemblance – we really are not as happy and enriched when we have a bad posture as when we set a straight line and see the outcome expected. This is a really easy way to correct everything that gets our of style and turns us into a depressed bowl. This is not the right way to live our lives and definitely not something that we aim high to take up, one day. Our money can be seriously damaged, due to the fact that when you are depressed, you cannot work properly and you might be more than close to what we call, being fired. So, what are you up to? Are you ready to make some changes in such a way that your life will become more beautiful than ever? It is up to you to know what path to take up.

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