Image courtesy of Marco Verch

Many people feel that they cannot afford to be healthier. On the surface it can seem this way when you consider how expensive superfoods, gym memberships, healthy restaurants and joining sports clubs is, but there are ways to get healthier without spending more money and perhaps even spending less.

Expensive superfoods and gym memberships are only one way to get healthier, there are many others which you can do which will not be so expensive. There are many really healthy foods that are always on our supermarket shelves and not packaged up and marked as superfoods. You can pick from a great range of fruit and vegetables which all have great qualities and certain nutrients which help them to be good for you. By cutting out unhealthy treats and snacks, such as chocolate bars, sweets, biscuits, cakes and puddings, you will save money by not buying them and you do not actually want them if you are going to have a healthier diet. You can also save money and be healthier by cutting down on the amount of alcohol you drink and how much you smoke. By eating out less often and reducing take away food as well as ready meals and other processed foods you will also save a significant amount of money. If you buy sandwiches and coffee regularly, then consider making yourself a healthier lunch and having a cup of tea or coffee with less milk to keep down the cost and the calories. You can cook meals from scratch using basic ingredients and save a lot of money compared to buy ready made meals, having take aways, eating out or buying sauces and things like that. It does take time, but you can make large batches and freeze portions to have on days when you do not have time to cook. There are many healthy meals that are simple to prepare and cook as well, so you do not have to think it will all be lots of hard work. If you want to eat out at a more expensive and healthier place, then go out less often, so you can still afford it, but you have something which is better for you.

Keeping fit need not cost any money at all. You can go out for a walk, wearing your regular clothing and get some exercise that way. Going regularly and pushing yourself to get out of breath by climbing hills and walking at a fast pace will help. At home you can also exercise, following free online videos or making up something yourself. You can lift tins and heavy items, run up and down stairs and make up ways to keep fit in the home. There will be plenty of tops online, depending on exactly what you want to do.

So do not be taken in by people trying to encourage you to do all sorts of expensive things to get fitter and healthier. There are many changes that you can make to your lifestyle that will save you money.