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Does money equal happiness?

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All right, all right – we all know that saying that money doesn’t exactly buy happines. But more money doesn’t make us miserable either. Studies have recently shown that rich people are not neccessarily the happiest of all, especially taking into account the fact that they need to find people with the same social status in order to go out and not being taken advantage of. Well, these are, in my opinion, a group of stuff sticked in a headache. In case you want to find out whether or not happiness equals money, let’s see what you need to pay for feeling amazing all the time!


In some people’s minds, money does equal with happiness. It is not a secret anymore that if you don’t have money, you can’t always have a great time. In order to go out with friends, keep a good relationship with others, money should not be something to interfere with in a bad way. When we have money, we are all extremely good with each other and feel a relief known as assurance that nothing could ever go wrong. Are we on the right path?

Definitely NOT

Most of the ones you will find in your life will tell you that money does not buy happiness. But it would definitely pay for some happy moments, better than any miserable ones! Still, there are some priorities better than being rich, such as love and having friends next to you. Even though you end up having a bank account alike a phone number, they will not pay you any love or affection. Just some fake ones, from those you pay to give to you. Real love and real affection is done unconditionally, without having to pay money to receiving them!

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We can’t lie anyone, money and happiness are definitely intercorrelated. What you need to learn from this point on is in regards to the fact that you need to find an equilibrium between those two – you can not have happiness without some money, for going out and not having the problem with what to eat tomorrow, but on the other side, even though you have all the money in the world you can’t be really happy without someone to show you affection and unconditional love. It depends upon yourself what side to choose, but as far as the happiness is concerned, it is more important than money.

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