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It was the first day you decided to work online and gave them your email address. Now this is the time when you wish you could say stop! Mails are flowing, increasing their number as days go by and nothing seems to stop them. It is the moment when you wake up in the morning and see the little flash light which keeps telling you have received a mail. Or more. Or many more. Though, there are ways to stop such things from happening – or at least some steps to get you going in managing them. In case you are looking forward to hear more about them, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines – you might be amazed to see how your life could be lived with those mails in a great way!


Use Folders

Probably the best way to start organising yourself would be using folders. Start making as much as you want, as many as you need and name them the way you like them – #nightmare, #littlerayofsun everything that comes across your mind. Now, these folders would be for the mails that need special attention, need to be solved today, not so important to burn the town or coupons you should definitely take into account! By this way, your job is half done – and you would be more than organised to start the work!



I know you have subscribed to so many things while you didn’t have your email for important mails. Now, it is the time to unsubscribe – from news, useless mails that not only fill your space but also your memory when you see the list of +600 mails per day you receive! Make sure to create a strong difference between what you need and what you don’t.

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Create an official Email for official stuff

If you work and all the mails are going into your inbox email, make sure to have an official one for that. Nothing is more disturbing that knowing you have +600 mails to deal with everyday and only 20 of them are important. By this way, you would save some space, great time and also some stress off of your shoulders! What would you say now? Nothing best comes without some help – here is the help. The great things are let for you to be fulfilled. So, what are you waiting for?


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