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The most classic way of selling products and services to consumers is by knocking on their doors. It’s something that companies have done for a long time. But, it’s also one of the most annoying marketing methods for householders.


What’s interesting is many people buy from doorstep sellers these days. One would assume the success rate is almost zero, but the opposite is quite true. Still, there’s no denying that a salesperson must be good at their work for that type of marketing!


So, how can your salespeople up their game when they sell door-to-door? The following techniques are all proven to increase results. Here is what you need to know:



Don’t try to force people to buy


It’s important that doorstep sellers should respect the decisions or answers that householders give. There is no sense in trying to force someone to buy because you will only end up with the door slammed in your face.


Instead, your salespeople should thank them for their time and move on. The more time you spend on futile sales prospects, the less you will get for positive ones!


Keep a mental note of your sales statistics


Selling is a bit like playing a game. You need to know the rules and adapt your tactics to win. There’s no denying that you’ll have better success in certain areas than in others. If you want to increase conversions, stick to the areas more likely to buy your wares.


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For instance, an affluent area is more likely to pay for landscaping services than a depraved one. Don’t waste time in areas you’ll have little success in because sales figures will be low.


Staff should identify themselves to householders


Anyone that opens the door to you will be naturally suspicious of what you want. The first thing you need to do is make sure householders can identify who your staff are.


One simple way to do that is by issuing field sales staff with polyester lanyards. You can customize them with any colors and branding that you wish. Of course, they are useful for holding ID badges that show the wearer’s name details and photo.


Service with a smile


When your team go and knock on people’s doors, they should be polite and smile at the householder. Even the grumpiest of people can mellow out if they’ve got someone smiling at them!



If your team look miserable or menacing, they won’t even have people open the door to them at all! That’s why it’s crucial they start off any conversation with a smile.


Get your staff to motivate themselves


It’s one thing giving your field workers a pep talk each day. But it’s another for them to motivate themselves to go out in all weather conditions each day!


Each person should have a strong, compelling desire to succeed. It matters not what that reason is; what does matter is they have a reason in the first place.


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If some of your sales team don’t have that burning desire, it’s likely they are in the wrong job.



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