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I just joined to this new website where you can make money online on different ways.
The website is online for quite some time, but I never had much time to check out the possibilities and opportunities it gives us.

So, here is the quick introduction and litlle about the website first.

About the Website!

The website is called inboxdollars, catchy name isn’t it, basically it’s the online rewards club, existing since the 2000.
InboxDollars members have been earning cash for their everyday online activities, such as searching the web, completing surveys, shopping online and more! Members also earn cash for confirming exclusive PaidEmails and earn more cash completing the targeted email offers.

CotterWeb Enterprises owns and operates InboxDollars, sendEarnings, and InboxPounds, the leading online rewards clubs in the US and UK. Formed in 2005 when InboxDollars acquired sendEarning, the company is committed to developing innovative new products and services that connects motivated consumers with leading advertisers and market research firms.

The website have over 13 million member, which is not small numer at all.

How To Make Money With InboxDollars?

Advertisers pay inboxdollars to reach consumers like you and me, then through programs ranging from paid online surveys to paidemail, InboxDollars shares the revenue they receive from advertisers with us (members).

Inboxdollars is 100% free to join, and they even give you $5 for just joining, I collected $5 dollars personally, and for payout we need to collect $30 dollars. But it shouldn’t be that hard, because the offers are really high paying ones.

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When I joined I noticed that the smallest amount we can get is $0.25 up to $8.00 for completing the offers.
They say if you are active member you can recieve up to 3 PaidEmails per day, if you’re not active logically you will get less offers or none.

A PaidEmail pays cash rewards for reading emails that offer the latest and most popular products and services, including 100% FREE offers and product trials. This means that you get paid by simply reading emails from other companies that are paying you through inboxdollars.

You can make money with inboxdollars on differnt ways:

you can make money online for trying new products and services,
you can earn cash for playing your favorite game,
with surveys and sharing your opinions,
by searching the web,
earn cash for completing free offers,
earn $0.10 for every coupon you redeem,
earn easy cash for simple tasks!

You will get your payments by the check and I couldn’t find any other payment options.
As you can see there are multiple options which you can use to work from home and make some extra income.
Try it out and tell me what do you think, do you have any experience with this types of website or this one particularly?


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    • Hi Antonella, thank you for commenting and sharing the website with us. Hope someone will find it useful and be able make money online with it.

  2. Wow this will be a great opportunity for every online workers. Online working had been a socially claimed prominent of easy money making. Now you are opening this blog for everyone to know more and better. Thanks.

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