Do you send allot of emails?

If you have a big email list of friends, family or business partners and you are communicating with them regularly, then this service is right for you.

What is it and How It Works? is a website where you have two options to earn money from your emails:

1. like the normal users/members.

2. like the advertisers that wants to promote their businesses.

For Members

1.Basically, all you need is email account, earnmailer allows you to earn money just by sending emails.

Any email client can be used.

You just embed an ad of advertiser in your mail client’s email signature so all your outgoing emails will display an ad.

You can earn cash from ad clicks or impressions, depending on the advertising package availed by the Advertiser.

When someone gets your email and clicks on ad, you get paid.

The ads are provided inside the site once you register as a user/member.

For Advertisers

2. When you sign up like advertiser, you set your ad and pay to the site and all users that are spreading emails will have your ad visible in email signature.

This means that thousands of people will see your ad and your business.

Moreover, ads enjoy maximum exposure since they are strategically located in the email signature.

You only need a valid email address and a Paypal account that has sufficient credit limit or funds.

This is great way to get exposed to millions that are using their email accounts, earn money from your emails  like member or advertiser like never before.