If you can type then you could find that you will be able to earn money using this skill. Traditionally typists would need to know shorthand and take dictation before typing things up and then audiotyping often took its places. These days most typists are so fast that they can type as someone dictates to them and so there is no need for these methods for many of them. Typing work can also include transcribing information and typing up notes.

There are not loads of online typing jobs because many people do it themselves these days but there are some. If you go to freelance websites you will be able to have a look and see what is available. The jobs on these sites will vary a lot and so it is worth just checking regularly to see whether there is anything that you can do. Some people may want workers that are local to them but there will be jobs where location is not important and you will be able to do it wherever you live.

It is important to make sure that the job that you get is a genuine opportunity though. There are jobs which are advertised like this, as online typing work, but actually are something very different. Some of them involve you using affiliate codes and posting adverts to search engines to see whether you can get leads to buy things using your affiliate codes and therefore earning commission. Although this work may be okay for some people, the fact that you have to pay for the adverts and then there is no guarantee that you will get paid any commission is not something that some people can afford to try. Therefore you will want to look for jobs where you actually get paid for the work that you do. There are websites where you can look for freelance work such as this which are genuine and protect both the worker and the employer so look for these to ensure that you will get paid. Look at reviews of the various freelance sites that you find to make sure that you trust them before you sign up. You may need to put in your CV and then bid for jobs, giving an idea of your experience and how much you want to be paid to the employer so that they can choose the best person for the job.

You may be able to get work as a writer if you have writing skills as well as typing skills and that will lead to a lot more opportunities for you and could be a lot more interesting. Writing is pretty easy, as long as you have a knowledge of what you are writing about and if you are fluent in a language and can write confidently in it then you should be able to find some work that you will be able to do.

So there are opportunities to earn money online by typing but you do need to be careful and make sure that you use a trusted site and are sure that you will be paid for any work that you do and that it really is the sort of work that you are looking for.