If you have a Paypal account then you may like to get money paid into it so that you can buy things or transfer the money to your bank account. If this is the case for you then you may want to know how you can earn money online so that you can cash the money out or use it to buy more things. There are actually a lot of opportunities to earn money and get paid by Paypal.

Many people still associate Paypal with eBay and they are linked in that you can sell things on eBay and make money. This does rely on you having things available to sell though and not everyone does. If you buy a lot of things online, then using a cashback site could mean that you will get back money that can be transferred into your Paypal account. You may also be able to do freelance work, small online jobs or surveys to earn money that can be paid by Paypal. However, none of these will pay you that quickly.

It is worth noting that it is actually very difficult to get paid quickly online, whether by Paypal or another means.  As much as companies might like you to believe, they are actually not many sites where you can earn money quickly. There may be places which have work available immediately, but being paid quickly is not something that many of them can promise. Large pieces of work will take time to complete and therefore you will need to wait to be paid until you have completed that work. Smaller pieces of work may not pay out as the company may want you to accumulate a certain amount of money before they pay you. It could be possible to find companies that pay out when you earn small amounts but you will still have to put in a lot of work in order to earn this amount of money.

If you have already signed up to various sites where you can earn like this then check them all to make sure you do not have any balances outstanding that you can cash out as that is probably the only way that you can get money really quickly.

Do make sure that you are careful of the websites which claim that you can make money really fast. Although the claims can sound really credible, they are normally scams where you either have to pay out money and there is a chance that you will lose it or you have to do a lot of work and end up being paid very little or nothing at all. It is worth really reading up on these sites before you sign up. See if there are any reviews online and look at money making blogs and websites to find out more information about them before you register with the sites. You should be able to find information about them, even if they are quite new as there are many people that write about making money.