I’m very excited to write about very interesting and useful website and app where you can earn money just by taking pictures and videos with your smartphone.

We all know that Internet is growing fast every day, and we need to remind ourselves with this fact every minute when we’re online. Because we work, live and communicate over the web and we read news from one another, those days are gone now, when only big companies could provide people with latest news and videos about major events or catastrophic earthquakes etc…

Today, anyone can become a journalist and contribute to growing online community of loyal readers and followers. But can we make money from something like that, well now we can, all you need to have is one small great app and your smartphone.

The app is called Scoopshot and using this app you can sell your pictures and videos, you set your price and earn. Whenever something important happens and you’re at the location, just use the scoopshot and take a photo or video.

Later you can sell that same photo or video with their app and you can earn real money.

It’s that simple, you can install app on your iphone or android device and make money selling your photos and videos.

However, remember to do so within 48 hours – Scoopshot Store only sells fresh content!

You earn money with every photo and video the media buys. Send in fresh and newsworthy shots so the media and journalists can purchase them from Scoopshot Store.

Supported payment methods include for example bank transfers and PayPal.

For more FAQ and Information, please visit scoopshot, I’m sure you will find it useful.