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People go through life not knowing the potential they could have to earn. Not just within the workplace, but outside as well. There are so many missed opportunities to grab some extra money. How many of you can say you’ve been in a cash crash, and suffered some sort of minor injury? Even if it’s just muscle ache for a day? Exactly. The chance of you being caught up in something that wasn’t your fault is huge. But with it comes a chance to claim some money back to help your through your time of injuries. It’s not just injuries, there’s benefits, tax returns and much more that people tend to forget about.


Most people work so hard at their job. They’ll work long hours, put 110% effort into the role, and still only earn minimum wage. Making life at home extremely tough. With most jobs, you have to approach them with the question of either a pay rise or promotion. Just don’t be afraid to do it. If you’ve been working there a few years, you’re most likely entitled to at least a little pay rise. One sneaky thing some companies try and do is keep your holiday from you. If you’re the type of person who only takes one week of holiday a year, you’re most likely entitled to either your holiday being carried over to the next year, or you’ll be owed it in money. Check your contract to see what the policy is, you could be in for a lot of extra money, or some well earned time off!

Injury at work

This is one of the most common, and awkward ways of earning a little extra cash. There are so many injuries that happen at work, from slipping on a wet floor, to having a crash if you’re a lorry driver, to severe burns if you work at a place such as McDonald’s. Yet people are so afraid to claim, just incase they lose their jobs. But you shouldn’t be afraid of this. You’re either going to injure yourself, be off work and lose tonnes of money. Or you can claim against the company, stay financially stable, and have the time off you need to without having to work. If a company fires you after a claim, you can go through an employment tribunal to further prosecute the company for unlawful dismissal. Most people contract illnesses they don’t even realise they have until later on in life. Such diseases such as asbestosis, can lead to terminal diseases such as mesothelioma. This is all down to improper use of safety equipment by companies a number of years ago. If you fall under this terrible category, you could be due a lot of money. Talk to the mesothelioma lawyers at Madeksho Law or other companies, and see what compensation you could be owed.

Long term illness

When suffering with a long term, or terminal illness, you’re entitled to so much to help you through it. It’s likely that things such as daily tasks in life become harder, and you may be forced to stop working altogether. If this the case, you’re entitled to benefits to support living costs. Things such as disability badges to make parking easier. You’ll be eligible for extra funding as well as benefits to help you support the rest of your family if you have one. You’ll also be eligible to help around the house. Carers can come round and do your daily chores for you at a fraction of the cost. All of the above saves so much time and money, and you are entitled to it, so make sure you get everything you deserve, especially when you’re so ill.

Tax Rebate

If you’re self employed, a tax rebate at the end of the year is the best thing to look forward to, but doing it properly is even more important. Employing a good accountant to look at everything you’ve earnt, spent etc. over the year is vital. So many people try and organise this themselves, and either end up not getting what they’re entitled to, or missing the deadline altogether and getting fined. Most self employed people are entitled to a rebate of anything around the $1000 mark and above. Make sure you keep all of the receipts from purchases made to buy tools needed for your trade. You can also claim tax back on these.

There’s a lot of other ways to get money, without having to put in a lot of effort. Tonnes of people across the US miss these opportunities, don’t let you be one of them.

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