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Earning money with Kindle publishing became popular two years ago. Until then, only extremely low percent of writers decided to branch out and try earning with publishing eBooks for Kindle platform. I was among those low percent of writers who started back then. It was extremely easy those times because the niches weren’t as competitive as today and people haven’t been publishing that often as today. Lately, I’ve been seeing writers publish two eBooks a day. That is 60 eBooks per month. In most cases, they compensate quality for numbers and they are only trying to publish as many eBooks as possible and doesn’t even look back on quality of each eBook they publish.

This is definitely not the road I’m suggesting but I’ve been hearing that the method of publishing 30 eBooks or more on a monthly basis is working for most of the writers but I believe that is extremely exhausting in every sense of that word. So I advice you to take it slowly with one or two eBook a month for start and see how that goes. Make every word count and don’t publish crap stuff because crappy eBooks never last.

In today’s post I’m going to share couple of extremely valuable tips you are definitely going to need if you decide to branch out and publish eBooks for Kindle.

Tip #1

Enroll your eBook in KDP select. If you haven’t heard about KDP select, it’s an Amazon’s program for Kindle publishers who are going to publish a specific eBook only on Amazon and they do not have rights to publish it anywhere else. The enrollment in KDP select is awesome because they are providing lot of benefits for you and they also do the parts of marketing process instead of you. Some of the benefits are ”Free Promo Days” where you can giveaway your eBook for free and receive some downloads and positive reviews. I advice you to use free promo days as soon as you publish your eBook so it gets noticed quickly.

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Tip #2

Keywords, rankings, descriptions etc.. MATTER! Same here as for search engine ranking. There is absolutely no difference so doing keyword research before writing an eBook and doing keyword optimization, keyword placement and writing long quality descriptions really have huge effect.

Tip #3

Without marketing, your eBook will never get huge amount of sales. You simply can not rely only on Amazon and theirs free promo days. That will never work, trust me. You may end up with couple of sales and positive reviews in your pocket, but you need real marketing stuff if you plan to become Kindle best seller. Trust me, this is what rejects people from publishing on Kindle. Either they do not have knowledge to do the marketing themselves or they do not have budget to outsource it.

Tip #4

Formatting matters. Badly formatted eBook will always receive couple of negative reviews because it is hard to read so if you don’t know how to format eBooks, you can learn by downloading Amazon’s guide to formatting. If not, there is always a Fiverr gig that will do the job instead of you.

I hope you will start publishing eBooks on Kindle, because that can be extremely lucrative business if you have good marketing skills and have budget to outsource.

To your success!



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