There are lots of ways to get paid by Paypal as it is becoming more and more popular with people making online payments. However, if you want to earn money and be paid by Paypal, some ways are much easier than others. One of the easiest ways is probably to answer online surveys. There are a lot of companies online that will pay you to answer surveys. They are on a variety of different themes and you will be sent surveys that match your profile or you will be asked to answer a few initial questions to see whether you qualify for the survey. Some companies will only send you relevant surveys so you know that every one you do will be one you qualify for and you will be paid. Some companies will pay you a nominal fee if you attempt a survey but do not qualify. Others will only pay you if you qualify and fully complete a survey, so you may answer a selection of questions and not get paid for it.

If you do decide to try out some survey sites then it is good to read reviews of them first. Find out what other people think of them and how quickly they pay and how much you have to earn before they pay. Most sites will not just pay for one survey. You will have to do a selection of them and earn a minimum amount before they pay out. The amount that you need to earn before you get paid will vary between different sites and it is worth checking out how much it is before you start. You may be prepared to wait for £12, £25 or even £50 but you might rather just get paid after earning £4. Many people will sign up to a selection of sites with different pay out rates so sometimes they will get paid quickly and other times they will have to wait.

Answering surveys is something which you need to enjoy if you want to earn money this way. You will often get asked a lot of similar questions such as your gender, age, earnings, marital status, if you have children, education, race and where you live. Only then will the survey start to ask something on the topic that they are actually interested in. The topics cover a massive range of things form politics to television, university research studies to new product ideas. It can be lots of fun giving your opinions on politics and doing research studies to help out universities.

It is worth doing some research yourself to find out what sites are available, how good they are at paying and how many surveys they tend to send out. Sign up to a selection of them as then you will be busier with doing surveys and therefore earning more money. You may have seen adverts where people boast about making a fortune with surveys. This is not normally the case, but you can earn some income from it and it is easy, so worth a go.