It can be great to think that there are easy money making opportunities out there that we can all have a go at and they get very rich. There certainly are plenty of ways to make money, but getting rich is not something that is easy. That is why the world is not jam packed full of rich people. However, if we work hard and earn money and then save some and spend the rest wisely, we certainly could end up managing well with the money that we have.

The easiest way for anyone to make money is to get a conventional job. If it is permanent job then you will be guaranteed a regular wage or salary for the duration of the job. You may also be entitled to extra benefits and bonuses depending on the job and the company such as sick pay, holiday pay and pension.

It can though, be tempting to think that contractors earn more money. This is because they tend to have a higher hourly rate than permanent employees. However, most people do not allow for the fact that they have no expenses, pension, sick pay or holiday pay so they have to pay for all of these themselves. Their employment can also be terminated at very short notice and it may take them time to look for work again afterwards. Contractors are also self-employed so they have to keep their own books and may have to pay an accountant, they may have to register for VAT and pay this and they also have no cap on national insurance, so if they are a high earner they pay a lot more tax than if they were being paid the same money and be in employment.

Running a business also often looks like an easy way to make money. We hear about people who start a business, it takes off very quickly and they make a lot of money and then they might sell the business and make even more money from it. Although this would be a great way to make money it is not something that happens to very many people. Many businesses that start up actually fail and others do not do particularly well. It is very hard work running a business and you have to be prepared to invest a lot of time and potentially a lot of money as well.

If you only have time to work part-time or want to work from home then the opportunities are reduced. However, it is still possible to make money from working in this way and as long as you are careful to pick genuine opportunities and make sure that you get paid, then you should be able to earn some money. To find out whether sites are genuine and likely to pay you look at reviews of sites and pages where people explain how they make money online and this should help you. It is well worth spending this bit of time doing the research so that you can find out.