The cold temperature that winter brings makes it necessary for us to make sure our homes stay warm and comfortable throughout the season. However, with the low temperature also comes the high cost of heating. Homeowners spend thousands of dollars on heating costs every year, but with a few simple tricks, you can reduce your energy costs to fit your budget. Here are some of the clever, budget-saving ways to heat your home during the chilly months!


Pad it up!

Insulation matters, especially in winter. It not only provides moisture control and proper ventilation, but also reduces the transfer of heat. Warm air rises, so the heat you have in your home can easily be lost through the roof without an insulation. Homes with attics should have an insulation dam around the attic opening and an insulated lid covering it to make sure the heat stays in. A properly-insulated attic can save homeowners up to 30 percent in heating costs.


Use fan power!

Give the furnace a break during daytime and use your ceiling fan instead. As mentioned earlier, warm air rises, so you can use your fan to move the warm air downward to you—simply reverse the turning direction of the blades to make the warm air spread out over your home.


Seal those gaps!

Check your home’s weatherstripping to see if it has gotten worn or torn. Worn or damaged weatherstripping around doors and windows lets in cold drafts, making you turn up the heat. Those gaps, however little, also causes your home to lose warm air, which means your furnace would need to work twice as hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Reports on energy expenses show that up to 12 percent of heat loss happens around windows and doors. By replacing worn weatherstripping, you’ll be able to keep the warmth in for optimum thermal comfort.

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Bring in the sun!

The most budget-saving method to heat you home this winter is to let the sun do its work—it doesn’t cost a thing! Let the sun bring warmth to your house and you’ll find your heating bill significantly reduced. In the morning, pull back the curtains on the eastern side of the house facing direct sunlight. Keep the curtains on the other side drawn. Switch things up in the afternoon when the sun is on the opposite side of the house.


Dress warmly!

You can also reduce heating costs by making the most of your winter clothing. Dress warmly at home instead of turning up the heat, especially if you won’t be moving around much or are by yourself. Who says parkas are only for outdoor use anyway?


Adjust that thermostat!

If you or your family members don’t stay at home the whole day, you can save lot on heating costs by adjusting your heating rental unit’s thermostat ten to 15 degrees cooler during the time when everyone’s set to leave. It’s also a good idea to let things cool up a bit at night when you sleep, as your comforter is there to keep you warm anyway. Having the heat run less helps you save as much as 20 percent on heating costs.




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