Thousands of elderly across the UK have been wrongly denied NHS funding. If you or a relative has a serious, long-term health condition, you could qualify for NHS Continuing healthcare and this means that the government must fund the full cost of your care. This includes accommodation and nursing costs if you live in a care home, or pay for nursing care at home.

Many people could claim back for fees they have already paid but how can you go about doing this?

Expert help

There are various ways that you can reclaim care home fees but one of the most effective methods is to hire specialist assistance. There are numerous dedicated continuing care review experts that can advise you on reclaiming wrongly paid fees, they can help have your nursing home fees refunded, and they can help you avoid paying fees altogether. They can do all the hard work for you and claim on your behalf.

Are you eligible?

Before reclaiming your care home fees, you need to first acknowledge whether or not you are eligible. The assessment process uses The National Framework and its tools to assess your health needs, draw up a care plan and arrange a care package. Your Primary Care Trust (PCT) is responsible for identifying when a patient might qualify for continuing care, and then arranging an assessment to decide on the eligibility.You can download the Framework at the Department of Health’s website.

Information needed

Care review specialists can act on your behalf if you think you have a valid claim but you do need to give them some information about your healthcare needs so they can get started on reclaiming your money. What matters is that you should not impart upfront costs. Some claims management companies may charge fees or a disbursement as the case progresses but it is possible for a third party to offer claim settling services without forthright funds.

This article was written by Cheselden, the leading continuing care review specialists in the UK.