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Fortunately, businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the implications that personal issues and mental and physical health have on worker and customer engagement. People’s lives don’t unfold in a vacuum. In fact, life events like a marriage, divorce, childbirth, illness or injury could influence a person’s productivity on the job, causing the person’s performance to either improve or decline. Because workers’ performance is directly or indirectly tied to customer satisfaction rates, as employers build or enhance safety management systems, they could use mobile and virtual programs like Engage to connect with customers more fully.

Every successful business owner understands that customer engagement and satisfaction is key to increasing sales. In fact, engaging customer experiences can not only help generate one-time sales, this type of engagement can also turn one-time customers into loyal, repeat customers. As the May 29, 2012 Globe and Mail Engage Your Customers Instead of Impressing Them” article states, “There are many definitions of customer experience. Some companies focus on customer service, particularly call centres, while others take on a broader orientation to include multiple touch points.”

Ways employers could enrich experiences with current and prospective customers using safety programs like Engage include:

  • Routinely performing paperless safety inspections
  • Creating safety reports based on the results of inspections
  • Emailing supervisors and management about safety concerns or unsafe conditions at local and off-site work locations
  • Designing PDF reports then printing them for mailing to government agencies that manage safety programs throughout Canada
  • Taking pictures of unsafe conditions or areas at workplaces
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These Engage reports can be used should companies have to defend themselves in courts of law. The reports could also be used to alert the media to ongoing safety steps employers are taking to keep their employees, customers and the general public safe. Should this type of information be shared in media outlets (i.e. newspapers, magazines, journals), companies could start to be known as socially conscientious. They could also gain customers’ trust as they become known as the type of organization that values customer and worker safety.

Furthermore, advantages of testing and reporting on safety conditions vary depending on the type of testing that’s performed. However, regardless of the safety testing performed, it’s important that workers know how to respond in the event of an emergency or business interruption. To achieve this, employers can enroll their employees in online safety training programs that align with their company’s specific safety needs. The benefits could be far reaching.

After all, awareness of the connection between employee performance and customer satisfaction might be why some employers are choosing to build upon existing safety management systems to further engage their customers. However, there’s another, perhaps hidden benefit, to having a high quality safety management system. That benefit is the ongoing opportunity to keep workers who serve customers safe as well as meet local and international safety regulations.

A high quality safety management system could also decrease the numbers of instances when customers are injured while using a company’s products or while visiting a company’s physical location. It’s these increased safety levels that could help strengthen customer trust, motivating customers to engage with businesses, whether that be via customer purchases, by attending company workshops that are open to the public or by giving companies free word-of-mouth marketing, more frequently.

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