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Have you ever stopped and wondered just what it is that makes a great entrepreneurial leader? It’s a difficult question and one that you need to answer if you’re going to organize a team and make a lot of money. To really develop a great business you not only need passion and drive, but you also need guts to see it through.

Here, we’re going to look at what some of the greatest business leaders in the world have said is the secret to their success. This is the story of how they managed to go from very little to a lot.

Know When To Ask For Advice

Michael Dell is the man responsible for bringing us Dell computers, one of the biggest names in the entire industry. Not only does his company make computers and laptops, but it also makes monitors and server equipment, generating billions of dollars of revenue each year.

What’s his advice? Strangely, it’s not to listen to advice from people like him. He says that other people are constantly looking for ways to put their mark on what you’re trying to do. According to Dell, you should brush right past them and go out on a limb. If you’ve got a big dream then just do it.

All Products Are Based On Assumptions

Aaron Levie, the man behind the cloud company Box, is somebody who likes to question things and push frontiers. As such, he’s a typical entrepreneur: bold, brash and brilliant. But beyond all that, Levie is an intellectual. He knows that all products, including his own cutting-edge products in the cloud, are all based on assumptions and that those assumptions will eventually become outdated. Once a company becomes established, he says, leaders need to be constantly on the lookout for startups that will disrupt them and upend their business models.

Communication Isn’t Spoken, It’s Felt

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Recently, an article appeared on Aspiring Gentleman which talked about the importance of being professional when running your own business. But being professional, according to Angela Ahrendts, is only a part of the story. Ahrendts is currently the CEO of Burberry, and as the head of a major company, she knows that the trick to getting everybody on board with what you want to do is communication. She points out that emails and texts will only get you so far. Most communication isn’t silently read, it’s felt.

Don’t Play Games


Tony Hsieh is the CEO of Zappos and a man who never seems to stop generating publicity. He’s regularly the topic of conversation on social media. His advice, as a leader, is not to play games like other people who are at the top of business, even if it looks as if those games are making them money. Instead, he says, focus on what you know and reap the benefits of doing that. Otherwise, you risk losing a lot of money.

Don’t Lose Focus


Finally, Peter Thiel, the founder of Paypal, says that there’s more to business than competition. Entrepreneurs should aspire to be better than they are.


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