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The rise of eco-conscious consumers means a lot of things for many businesses. But one thing is undeniable; the need to go green is no longer just a moral choice, it’s a commercial necessity. A report from Nielsen claims that “66% of global respondents say they’re willing to pay more for products and services from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.

For small businesses, transitioning to green can impact the bottom line. However, it’s completely doable if you start with small, simple steps. What’s more, it can even help you save in the long run. For businesses out there, who want to go green but don’t know how, here are six ways you can make your business eco-friendly.

1. Eco-Friendly Promotional Gifts

You don’t have to buy fancy promotional gifts for your customers. Opt for something reusable that will make them happy. It could be anything from branded reusable coffee cups, reusable bags, water bottles, or mug. Give with the intention of helping not, only impressing.

2. Invest in Eco-Friendly Office Furniture and Appliances

An eco-friendly office is not only “trendy???, but it can also help reduce a lot of waste in your workplace. Instead of buying repurchasing supplies over and over, invest in office supplies that are made from recycled materials, as can be recycled themselves. You need not spend a fortune to beautify your office. Rather than buying expensive artwork and decor, infuse natural greenery to your workspace by adding bonsais, mini gardens, or moss terrariums. You will be amazed at the stunning, elegant feel you can create in the workplace.

3. Encourage Employees To Eat Organic Food

One delicious way of maintaining a sustainable lifestyle is by promoting the consumption of natural food. You can reduce your staff’s intake of foods with preservatives, alcohol, sugar, or anything that contributes to the production of greenhouse gases worldwide by supplying sustainable alternatives in the office cafeteria or kitchen.

4. Recycle

Offices hold plenty of recyclable resources (plastics, paper, styrofoam). Instead of throwing them out, why not create a dedicated recycling program? Ensure that your office has designated bins for bio and non-biodegradable wastes and that you provide instruction to every employee on how to utilize them properly. You can also start fun recycling projects with rewards when the team hits a goal.

5. Schedule Green Volunteering Activities

Get your company involved in local volunteering activities as a form of team building and teaching your employees the value of green living. Many companies have policies which promote helping out in their local communities. Give yours more meaning by getting involved in green activities such as tree planting, coastal cleanups and others. You can assign a team to plan and initiate volunteer activities as part of marketing and brand awareness. The result? You’ve not only helped the world, but you’ve also improved your business’ image.

5. Educate Your Employees About Green Living

Start within your company by educating your employees. You can invite a speaker for a seminar on green living that will help you train your employees to work and live in an eco-friendly way. Aside from your company’s mission, make green living part of your vision. Encourage energy-saving activities such as carpooling, biking, and using digital tools instead of paper for office supplies.


An eco-friendly business translates to a trusted company for many consumers. If you have a positive vision for the environment, who can say no to helping you grow? Transitioning to an eco-friendly office can be difficult, but it’s one of the best investments in making the world a better place.

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