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For most of the bloggers today, guest blogging is a marketing strategy that these individuals tend to experiment on. Most of them would usually just do a search in Google, find relevant blogs, write and start sending their posts to the blog owners. Guest blogging is not about making the most in terms of quantity.

1. Quality over Quantity

It does not matter what other people have been saying, in this type of marketing strategy, quantity does not win over quality. There are many bloggers who have been writing many blog posts per week and ended up not being the best of quality, which resulted in being published through low quality blogs.

The real benefit in guest blogging is giving the user a lot of website traffic. Stealing communities is the whole idea being promoted in guest blogging. This works by posting your article in the blog of another person, their subscribers then read your post, go on to visit your blog and then have the possibility of subscribing after. This is essentially stealing the subscribers from that blog. This is what occurs whenever a writer posts their articles in a blog that has established communities and are generating a lot of traffic.

Every time you post on blogs that generate low traffic, you are acquiring a back link and just a few visitors. The main point in guest blogging is to acquire a huge influx of traffic at almost an instant. But before you can actually start stealing subscribers, you will need to publish articles that are of excellent quality within the high traffic websites.

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2. Aiming High

Majority of the individuals who have started guest posting are quite shy in their approach to blog owners. That is why most of them would end up approaching lower quality blogs, which is a waste of time. One thing that you should do is to aim high. Make sure that you are able to provide good quality posts so that you can approach almost any kind of blog. Guest posts should be accepted and that you need to think about the next step in order to start establishing yourself.

3. Establishing Yourself

As you start out with guest blogging, it is always a good idea to start approaching the major blogs within your niche. But it is even a better idea to just start small, this those less established blogs. Most of the time, it is not possible to start writing a blog for huge readerships if you are just starting out. Start small and build your credibility and reputation as a reliable author first and then move up the ranks towards the larger blogs.

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