It is an undeniable fact that your website is one of the most important facets of your business. Honestly, your website is as important to your success as your ability to sell your products and services. So, for obvious reasons, you want a site that is successful too, but how do you achieve that goal? After all, if it were easy every site on the web would be successful in some capacity or another. Well, the key to a great website are the essential components that you need incorporate. Omit any of the following and your site will struggle.


A Web Host


It is possible to create and host the site alone without anyone else’s help, and there are benefits to this train of thought. For starters, it will save you money because you won’t have to pay anyone for the privilege of hosting your website. However, the negatives start to outweigh the positives, which is why you will need a web host. A quality web hosting service will maintain the site, boost the traffic and the rankings, and allow you to concentrate on the business. Plus, it only costs around £30 a year, so you won’t even save that much money!


A Web Designer


The aesthetics of the site are more important than you might realise. Although it sounds superficial, web browsers will not use a site that they don’t find attractive. They want sites that stand out and that look beautiful, which is the main reason a web designer is vital. Designers know all the tricks of the trade to ensure that the site looks it best and it’s most accommodating.


An SEO Strategy


Without search engine optimisation, there is no way that your site can compete with your competitors. SEO is what brings the customers to your site and then gets them to spend more or make a conversion of some kind. In the process, it markets the business’ brand while also boosting sales and, inevitably, profits. If you don’t believe just how important SEO is, check out this article that explains it in full detail. For the basics, make sure that you use relevant links and keywords when you are building your site. But, whatever you do, do not stuff keywords. Search engines will penalise you for unnatural links and keywords.


Quality Content


Good content also helps with SEO, but it does something more important – it brings the audience back again and again. If you can provide them with content that they cannot find anywhere else, the only option they have is to visit your site to get their fill. You don’t need to use your imagination to figure out what will happen next!


Simple Navigation


If your site is not easy to use, your audience will ‘bounce’ to another site. Remember that there are far too many competitors out there with a website, so a browser has plenty of options. You should ask your web designer not to overcomplicate the process because it will turn people off.


Incorporate these into your site and it will be incredibly successful.