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So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to move up in the world by expanding your business to a bigger, better location. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving your work from home to an office space, or a large office to an even bigger workplace, it’s very easy to underestimate the sheer challenge of a physical relocation. Much like moving house, there are many extra requirements and hidden difficulties along the way. We’ll show you some of the most commonly overlooked problems and give you some help in expanding your business!

The 80/20 Principle

The 80/20 principle was first observed by an Italian economist called Vilfredo Pareto. Otherwise known as Pareto’s Law, he observed in his garden that twenty percent of his pea pods produced eighty percent of his peas. He also applied this to land ownership in nineteenth century Italy: twenty percent of landowners owned eighty percent of the land!

The 80/20 principle has since garnered universal acceptance as well as universal application. You have probably applied it to your own business: twenty percent of your work accounts for eighty percent of your profits. Expanding your business is a huge undertaking, but you need not let it cut into that valuable twenty percent.

Questions to Ask Yourself

You will, of course, have already asked and settled the most important questions: when, where, and why are you moving. Additionally, by now you will have also started to address the specifics of your move – how you are doing it and who will be carrying out the move.

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Are you looking to replace your office furniture? This is a perfectly reasonable notion, given that an expansion to a larger building means an expansion of your needs. If so, you might have given some thought to disposing of, reselling or donating your current furniture. Thinking of the 80/20 principle: is cutting into your twenty percent time for a relatively trivial matter truly going to help with expanding your business? Does the same hold true for other details of your expansion?

Keeping Costs Down

Examples of procedures that could be factored into expansion costs are cleaning out old office space, using a removal company, or hiring a van for the smaller or more independently-minded movers. There are also the costs of waste disposal and the purchase of new furniture to take into consideration. Bit by bit, these costs and a variety of others will begin to accumulate as you begin to plan the move. Astute management and a do-it-yourself spirit can lower the cost in pounds, while drastically raising the investment of your time.


Similar to how a property management company is useful for residential matters, a facilities management service provider can be there for you in commercial situations. For a modest fee, a facilities management group can give you back your time and put your mind at ease, allowing you to use your time for more important matters of the move. Many aspects of your expansion will be covered in thorough detail by professionals, giving you all the help in expanding your business that you need.


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As we’ve demonstrated, there is much more to expanding your business than simply packing and unpacking boxes. With the aid of an external facilities management group, you can outsource your stress and keep your costs from ballooning.

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