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If you want to get noticed in the ever-expanding online world, you need to climb the search rankings. You need to be right up there, near the top, for your keywords. Whether you’re selling cupcakes or car insurance, getting to the top of search engines is no easy feat. There will be plenty of competition trying to do the same, as well. Luckily, we’ve got all the expert tips and tricks to help you climb the search rankings.


Content is King

It’s something you’ll probably hear a lot of. Content really is king if you’re trying to feature highly in the search engines. Google loves websites that are constantly being updated and kept fresh. This means you should definitely have a blog tied into your site. Posting just a couple of times a week means Google will find someone new, every time it crawls your website. This is a big thumbs up from search engines. It’s also an excellent way to engage your visitors and potential clients. Plus, you can share your content on social media. It really is a winning tactic.


Get Some Link Juice

Search engines want to know they can trust your website. With this in mind, they look out for people recommending your site. As it’s the internet, this usually comes in the form of links. It can also come in the form of social media sharing, but we’ll look at that later. If people mention your website on theirs, then it’s like a recommendation. They’re saying they trust you enough to talk about you – in most cases! Backlinks are an excellent way to build up link juice, but it can be tricky to navigate. Make sure you’re following the correct rules unless you want to be penalised by Google.

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Pay for It

One of the best ways to guarantee the top spot at Google is to pay for it, that’s one of the ways on how to rank in Google. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is growing in popularity. Many people will click on the top link on search engines, without even realising it’s paid for. If you word your ad right, then you could see a massive growth in leads and sales. It can be difficult to work out how PPC works, so look for a display network management company. They’ll be able to do all of the hard work for you. All you need to do, is set a budget.


Social Media

Using social media in your marketing efforts now plays a big part in your search engine rankings. It’s all to do with that trust and link juice, that we mentioned earlier. The more people are talking about your website, the better. Make sure that you have social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. You can even set up accounts on Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin if you like. Just try not to stretch yourself too thin. Keep a few key accounts open and continually updated.


These expert tips and tricks may seem fairly basic, but they’re vital if you want to climb the search rankings. Keep an eye on what your competition are doing too! They may be using a tactic you’ve never thought of.



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