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Your Nissan vehicle is one of your most important investments, so you want to protect it. One way to do that is with an extended warranty when your factory warranty is nearing its expiration. Nissan is known for its strong factory warranties. Unfortunately, they have their limits and they eventually expire, which is why it can pay to review extended warranty options that give further protection.

When you opt for an extended warranty, you are protected from unexpected repairs after the factory warranty has expired. However, you must ask yourself if you want to buy the extended warranty from the dealership or from a third-party. The truth is that the extended warranty offered by the dealership may be limited in its coverage options, which means you could be paying for something you don’t need or paying for something that’s not enough.

Below, you will find 3 ways you can save more on Nissan extended warranties offered by a reputable third-party.

1. More Service Options

When you purchase a Nissan extended warranty from the dealership, you can only take your vehicle to the dealership to have it serviced under the warranty. You want a plan that allows you to pick your own repair shop. In other words, taking your vehicle to someone you know will do a good job can result in a quality repair. Just because the dealership has mechanics doesn’t mean they are the best. Shoddy repair work can lead to other parts of the engine breaking down prematurely, which may or may not be covered under the dealership’s warranty. The last thing you want to do is pay for a rental car every time you turn around.

2. You Don’t Pay Interest on the Plan

If you opt for an extended warranty at the time you purchase the vehicle, the cost of the warranty is rolled into the purchase price. This means you pay interest on the cost of the warranty, making it more expensive than it should be.

3. Increase Resale Value

Nissan extended warranties don’t transfer to a new owner if you decide to sell the car. When you choose an extended warranty that goes with the car and not the owner, you increase the resale value of your vehicle. Including a warranty also makes the car much easier to sell because people like to have some level of protection in place when buying a used car.

Do Your Homework

All in all, it is good to do your homework when choosing the right extended warranty. There’s no need to buy too much insurance, but you don’t want to buy too little either. Be mindful of your budget, evaluate the ways you can save money, and consider the fact that a warranty that follows the car is one that will increase its resale value when you’re ready to sell. Choosing your own plan rather than one pushed on you by a dealership means getting a better deal that suits your needs rather than the dealership’s needs.

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