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We’ve all been there before. The dingy offices. The boss that is never happy. The long hours. The endless commute. Your 9-5 job working for ‘the man’ is rarely going to make you happy. Especially if you have bigger plans for your future. For some people, the only obvious solution is to work for themselves. You couldn’t wish for a better boss! It’s a great concept, but it requires a lot of work. Most importantly, it requires a lot of motivation. If you’re a self-starter and hungry for independence, keep reading.


Freelance work – There are so many ways to offer your skills to companies without being on the payroll. Freelance is just one of those options, and the market is increasing rapidly. As companies seek to outsource much of their workload, the need for freelancers is rising. If you’ve got a talent for writing, offer your skills as a freelance writer. The market is rich with freelance web designers, WordPress developers, and accountants. If you’ve got experience and skills, you can bet there’s a freelance career out there for you.


Consultancy – Consulting work is fairly similar to freelancing. It’s the same lifestyle and process. You’ll pitch to clients and work on their projects in a third-party capacity. However, with consultancy work, the jobs are often tied to a particular company for longer. Businesses are always looking to the experts for advice and information. Set yourself apart as a leading expert in your field, and offer your experience to established companies. This could be anything from digital marketing and social media to management consulting.


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Start an online shop – If you’re obsessed with making crafts and products, why not start an online store? It’s easier than you think, and it’s a great way to get an additional income. In fact, some bedroom startups have transformed their online store into million dollar industries. There’s a big demand out there for personalised products and unique fashion items. Turn your hobby into a business, and escape the rat-race.


Buy into a franchise – One way to get a little more freedom is buying into a franchise. It’s a lot like starting a business, but you get the benefit of a huge brand name behind you. For example, you can buy a premises and license the CertaPro Painters franchise. That means you can set up a shop, using an established name. You’ll tap into their marketing and finances, but you keep a sense of autonomy to run the business yourself.


Create a business opportunity – The best businesses are born out of a small spark of an idea. Winning ideas are always simple and straightforward. Start looking for that spark of an idea, and create a business around it! Stop waiting for opportunities to present themselves, and make your own. Follow your passions. Answer a question. Solve a problem. These are how self-started companies get started. What could you do?


Working for the man will bring you down eventually. It’s time to jump off the train and start your unique venture! Where would you begin?



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