If you need cash quickly then there are a few ways that you can get it quickly. However, some may be more desirable than others. Using some sort of a loan, whether a credit card, overdraft or short-term loan could be a very fast way to get cash but it is not ideal as it is expensive. Obviously the loan will have to be repaid and money will need to found to do this but the loan will also have interest and fees that will need to be repaid as well These can be quite expensive depending on the loan type that you have and how long you take to pay it back.

It is far better to find ways that you can earn the money rather than borrowing it. This may seem tricky but it may not be depending on what you are prepared to do and how much free time you have. Doing a conventional job is probably the best way to get cash and if you get paid weekly you will have money quickly. If you are paid monthly then you will have to wait to be paid for longer but you might be able to ask for an advance on your salary and get some money more quickly. If you already work and cannot get an advance or need more money, then you may want to consider doing evening or weekend work at the same time as your normal job so that you can earn some extra money.

You may prefer to do some work from home in order to earn extra. This can pay less than a conventional job and so you will have to be prepared to take a pay cut in order to do this sort of work. You might be happy to do this though as it is much more convenient to be able to work from home.  There are a lot of options as well, maybe more than you might realise. You can do freelance work, small tasks, surveys, watch adverts, set up a website or sell things, to name just a few. It is wise to think about what sorts of things you would like to do in order to make the money. There are some easier jobs, but they will pay less and you may have to accumulate a certain amount of money before you can get paid. Finding a fast way to get the money could therefore be tricky.

The fastest ways to earn online are probably by doing freelance work and by selling things. If you list things at a price that is low, then they will sell more quickly and therefore you can get your money quickly. You will need to decide whether you are willing to do this though. If you have things that you no longer need and are happy to sell then this may be okay, but if you have bought things to sell on then you will need to make sure that you make enough money to cover the costs of those items as well as the selling costs.