Investors will be able for the fist time to earn by investing in Bitcoin through the proper channels. The stock exchange for Bitcoins has been created in Stockholm in Sweden, and Nasdaq has started an index based on this virtual currency (crypto currency).

The start of sales of Bitcoin on Stockholm Stock Exchange allows investors to speculate by estimating the value of Bitcoins without actually owning any of the currency.

Swedish financial regulators have allowed the company XBT Provider to offer shares for Bitcoin Tracker One certificate whose value is based on the price of Bitcoin in the world market.

At the opening of the stock exchange Bitcoin has had the value of 9.69 Swedish crowns ($1.18), based on the 0.5 percent of amount of Bitcoin that has been traded on huge online Bitcoin stock exchanges. At the closing Bitcoin has been worth 9.73 Swedish crowns, and it more then 1.8 million shares have been bought.

PR of XBT Provider Johan Vatenstrom has said that the company has a goal to make investing in Bitcoins extremely available.

Bitcoin is a digital (cryptocurrency) and global currency. It has been created in 2009 by a man or group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoins are created in time by the users of the Bitcoin network instead of central bank which is the case with standard currencies. Bitcoin is also called cryptocurrency because its system is protected by cryptography instead of a central bank. Decentralization also means that different features of bitcoin, such as its value in comparison to other currencies, the number of bitcoins in circulation, the inflation rate, and transaction fees cannot be manipulated by any individual or a group. That also means that there is no organization that protects the users of Bitcoin and the users are responsible for themselves.

However, Bitcoins are known to be a wise investment for quite some time now. They are definitely not the safest, but if you enter into the world of Bitcoin you will most likely have great investment opportunities.