If you live in the UK, you have no doubt heard about the nationwide issues regarding retirement planning and pensions. Many Brits are not saving enough through their lives to be able to enjoy retirement or meet the financial challenges that lie ahead. Sensible investment is key to your post-work life.

The enjoyment of your retirement years is stake and most of us are playing catch up, a predicament that – according to reports – weighs especially heavy on women in the UK. The Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) recently concluded extensive research regarding the UK and the financial readiness of Britons to retire. The results are unsettling including the fact that 66% of British women say they worry about their financial future most of the time.

Financial pressure causes stress and stress is a major contributor depression, and also to heart disease. Yet, the great majority of Britons – an amazing 81% – have not saved enough for the future. IFP CEO, Nick Cann, explains, “Our research shows that only 19% of people believe they are saving enough for their future, while two-thirds of women say they worry about money either always or most of the time. We need to change this so that more people are in control of their financial future.???

Financial Planning Starts With Taking Control

If the recent recession has taught us anything, it should be the unpredictability of the economy, the fluctuations in property, equity and savings markets and even something about our tenuous job security. In the UK, we tend to spend when times are good and wish we had saved when more challenging times arrive.

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Preparing your financial future begins when you get serious about your retirement. If you are late to the game, remember that it is never too late. Sometimes financial planning means implementing a sound, low-risk investment strategy for the long-term. Other times, financial planning can mean reorganizing your investments to lower risk and more stable yields.

The important element here is the individual or family’s commitment to securing their future and the recognition that when were are younger our view of investment may be growth-orientated rather than focused on safety.

When you are planning for retirement, safety and security should be the operative terms, as well as consistency. It all begins with the commitment to get serious about retirement savings and living comfortably in your later years. None of us wants to be a burden to our children and with the cost of everything escalating furiously, we really need to take care of ourselves.

The Next Step

If you have decided the time to plan for your future is now, your first call should be to an independent financial planner. There are many reasons to respect the advice of independent financial planners, the first of which is that they are not compensated according to commissions on the investment products you acquire.

Regulators have determined that financial planners should not be paid by commission as it might influence their strategies. The new pay arrangement is designed to protect the consumer and ensure a more transparent investment planning process.

Financial planners bring many sound financial products to the table. This can include Real Estate Investment Trusts, life insurance, annuities and much, much more. The diversity of the financial planner’s products is one of the great advantages of Independent Financial Planners. If you are committed to investing in your future, a financial planner has a product to meet your realistic goals.

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Statistics to Consider

A recent survey released by website indicates that a stunning 15 million UK residents or 32% of the population would struggle to cope financially if they lost their employment. This represents a shocking 8% increase compared to 2012.

The Institute of Financial Planning says that 46% of Britons have some type of saving mechanism. “So many people are facing an uncertain future right now, yet few are taking appropriate steps to improve their financial position,??? says Nick Cann of IFP.

If you want an accurate assessment of your current financial situation and its promise for the future, contact an independent financial planner today. It is never too late to start saving for your retirement.


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