Financial management is a skill that many people do not have. The good news is that you can learn how to better manage your money no matter how old you are. Parents who have young children can do themselves and their kids a favor by learning fiscal literacy and passing on that literacy to the next generation.

Studies have shown that people who learn about money as kids are less likely to get into debt or make other decisions that could harm their financial situation. When you know the value of a dollar early, you make it easier on yourself to create wealth and live comfortably.

When you stay out of debt, you tend to be healthier and happier. This is because you suffer from less stress and spend less time worrying about where you will get money to repair your car or go to the dentist. It is also more likely that you will have a higher credit score and have access to more credit if you need it.

To start on the right financial foot or to get back on your feet, you should find the best debit card for your needs. A debit card is linked to your checking account and is funded with your own money. Therefore, you won’t have to pay interest on money spent or risk spending more than they have in their account.