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Image courtesy of lablascavvegmenu

In the summer time our home fuel bills tend to be less because we do not use heating. However, there are still things that we do in the summer that cost us more money than might be necessary. Below are five things that you can do which will help you to keep comfortable and cool but will not have to cost lots of money.
Use windows and curtains instead of air conditioning and fans
It can be tempting to close the house up completely and use air conditioning or fans to keep cool. As temperatures go up, we are starting to rely more on air conditioning, particularly as offices we work in tend to be kept cool and so it makes our homes feel even warmer. However, you can keep the home cooler by carefully using windows and curtains.
If you are out it is never advisable to leave windows open, particularly ground or first floor as they can be tempting for thieves and if you do get broken into your insurance will not pay out. However, very high level windows may be able to be opened and of course you can do so when you are in the home as long as you are careful. If it is breezy, then it is advisable to open windows on opposite sides of the home and let the breeze blow through the house. However, if there is strong sunshine, then it can be cooler if you close the curtains to block it out. As the sun moves, you will need to change which curtains you close and which windows you open to keep cool air coming in and sun blocked out.
Open car windows and use screen shades
Most cars have air conditioning and we often automatically use it. This will take more fuel than driving without it, in most cases. On a motorway, having the windows open, because you are driving at speed will cause drag on the car and take up extra fuel compared to air conditioning but when on busier streets the air conditioning will be more costly. It was concluded that driving over 45mph is more efficient with air conditioning on and below that speed with it off. However, using neither is best and therefore if you can drive when it is cooler then you will benefit even more. One wy to help to keep the car cooler is to use a sun shade across the windows. You can get concertina shades to put in back and front windows and stick on shade for side windows which should mean the car will be cooler when you get in and therefore take less air conditioning to cool it. Parking in the shade can also be helpful.
Carry drinks with you
When you get hot, you often need drinks. However, popping into shops can be a really expenisve way of getting hydrated. Carry drinks with you, such as water in a refillable bottle, so that you do not have to unnecessarily spend money.
Make Your own Ice Lollies
Ice-lollies can be an expensive way to keep cool and it is easy to make your own for less money. Just buy a set of ice-lolly moulds and put in fruit juice or cordial so that you can get a lolly to the flavour that you like. Not only will these be cheaper but probably healthier than those that you can buy in the shops.
Have Cool showers
Having cool showers is a great way to cool down. Not only this, but you will not need to heat the water so much and therefore it will be cheaper than a warmer one. You can turn the temperature down on your water heater and this will save money.