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The digital world has been opened up like never before. Anyone with a great idea and an internet connection can start a website. This is great news and really levels the playing field. Unfortunately, it has also become harder than ever to stand out and make an impact. With so much competition, how exactly do you make a difference? One way to cut through the noise is using web design. Stop visitors dead in their tracks and make them remember you.


Sounds great! How do we do that? Well, today we’ll let you in on a few awesome secrets. We spoke to plenty of expert web designers and got their advice on how to stand out from the crowd. You might think that the best way to do this is with lots of bright colours and crazy effects. In fact, you’d be wrong. You might be interested to see what the biggest suggestions were. Read on to find out the secrets of making a big impact.


  1. Stunning typography that explains what you do. – So many websites opt for reams and reams of text to explain their company. This is a big mistake. It’s confusing and difficult, especially for new visitors. Instead, spend your time working to distil your product or service into one succinct phrase. Make it big, bold and beautiful right at the top. It tells users everything they need to know and looks great.


  1. Use visually delicious photography. – Fast internet connections means you can make use of super high definition images. Stunning, large images can really capture a visitor’s attention. Of course, make it relevant and important to you and your story. Use it to help explain what you offer and why people need it. It makes a big difference in an internet full of text.
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  1. Separate content with colours – This is a really great trick that works wonders. In order to draw the eye to content that you want users to see, use colours. Offset a strong blue header with white space and text to draw the eye. Keep it simple and don’t overuse this trick. Colours themselves play a big role in standing out too. Stick to one consistent colour palette and use it to make an impact.


  1. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. – If you think bright colours and crazy effects are a good idea, think again. The experts tell us that simple design has the strongest impact by far. The computer screen is still a small space. If there’s too much going on, it’s impossible to figure out and you lose impact. Instead, just use simple, strong design to make a big impression. Sometimes you say more by saying nothing.


  1. Surprise and delight – This is the last and final trick. It’s a little special one we picked up from a creative agency in Phoenix. It’s the art of going above and beyond with your website. Users expect a certain level of information and explanation on your site. But, it pays to take the extra step and entertain them too. Companies like MailChimp and Innocent Smoothies have witty copy hidden all over their sites. You can use your imagination here and find something that works for you.

There you have it, folks! 5 secrets to standing out in a world full of noise. Which ones will you implement?


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