Image courtesy of Lewis Cressell
Image courtesy of Lewis Cressell
Going on a day trip, with or without children, can be expensive. You have the travel costs, entry fee, food and then the gift shop as well. It can all be extremely dear and so it is wise to plan ahead and consider ways that you can save money when you are out and about.

Take food
When you are out somewhere, the food always seems more expensive. Places such as theme parks or tourist attractions always charge more for food and so it is wise to take your own. Take a picnic and snacks as well as drinks so that you do not have to buy any while you are there. The more of you there is, the more money you can save by doing this.

Avoid the shops
There are often gift shops which are also really expensive. The things that they sell are overpriced and can be bought much more cheaply elsewhere. It can therefore be wise not even to go in the shop in the first place or at least to make sure that if you do go in, you have no intention of buying anything while you are there.

Look for vouchers of cheap entry
You can often find vouchers which allow you to get money off when you go to certain attractions. If you are planning for a while, then you will have time to take a look at various places for vouchers. Sometimes there are vouchers in newspapers and magazines, but often it is easier to find them online.

Get season tickets
If you are going as a group then it is often cheaper to buy a family ticket. You may also find that you can get a season ticket and revisit all year for a low price. Consider how often you visit and whether it is worth doing this. Calculate how many times you would have to use the ticket within the period it lasts, in order to make it worth buying it. Decide whether you think you will use it that many times, less or more. Obviously if you will use it less, then it is not worth it, but if you will use it more, then it will be worth it.

Off peak travel/visit
It may be cheaper if you go at an off peak time. If you travel by bus or train then it is likely this will be cheaper at off peak times of the day. Some attractions will also have different prices for entry depending on the time of year, so it can be worth looking into this as well, in order to save money.