Image courtesy of Jeremy Levine
Image courtesy of Jeremy Levine
It can be really nice if you can keep your home looking really good all of the time. However, having to keep on decorating. Changing furniture and things like this can really add up with regards to cost and so it could mean that you either cannot afford to do it or you end up using up a lot of your money in the process. Below are some tips that could help you to keep things looking good without having to spend lots of money.

Tips for walls
Painting costs can add up and it can also be a hassle to redecorate a room, having to move all of the furniture etc. You can clean walls off without having to repaint sometimes, depending on whether it is just dirty or if the paint is chipping off. It is wise to buy a good paint which is tough, so that it does not chip off and make sure that you prepare the wall well underneath so it does not come off. Do a good few layers and try using a washable paint to help it to last longer.

Tips for furniture
Furniture can look old and grubby, but it is worth trying to wash it to get it clean. Vacuum and dust it regularly and spot clean any stains as soon as they appear to stop long term damage. If it gets too grubby you may be able to get new covers and if it breaks you may be able to get it repaired. If you are buying new furniture then get something that can be repaired and recovered, or perhaps with removable, washable covers so that you can keep it looking cleaner much more easily. Keep it out of the sun if you can, to stop it from fading.

Tips for floors
Carpets can be difficult to keep clean, but you can use a spot cleaner to clean up areas which have got dirty marks on It can also be worth regularly hiring a carpet cleaner to keep it looking good. When choosing flooring consider whether a hard floor covering may be easier to keep clean, however it could e colder and noisier depending on what you choose. You can choose carpets which are easier to keep clean and pick colours which do not show up dirt and stains so much.

Tips for modernising
If you want to have a new look to your room, then you may think that you need to redecorate and change everything. However, it is possible to give quite a dramatic change of look by just making a few changes. Changing pictures, cushions, lamp shades or curtains can make a dramatic difference without you having to redecorate or change any of the expensive pieces of furniture.

Tips for soft furnishing
It is worth buying cushions, curtains and bedding which are easily washable so they look good for longer. Regular gentle washing should keep them looking good. If you wait until they are really dusty or dirty then they are unlikely to come up perfectly clean.