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The odds are against us that someone in the team is uncomfortable with everything we say and do; no matter how wonderful we are as a boss. Studies say that about a third of employees don’t like their superiors; in fact many of them would rather to get a new boss instead of a higher payscale. They could even trust strangers over their bosses. No one is planning from the get go to be an annoying boss. But unfortunately, we are just complex human beings who do mistakes regardless of everything we do. In fact, our bosses could also be dealing with their difficult bosses too. The stress from up high the hierarchy could flow downhill.

Eventually, many of us will become boss at some levels and here are five behaviours we should have:

1. Respect employees like they are our boss:

Many employees drop everything to support their bosses. They treat us with deep respect, in fact they would move mountains we ask them. However, the continuous urgency could leave our team overworked, stressed and spinning. Bosses could nurture loyalty in their team by treating staff by giving the amount of respect we give to our boss. We should be just as polite and professional to them. We should carefully consider the impacts, before we make commitments. Discuss priorities and reassess workload.

2. Care more about their careers:

Team members often find it aggravating to see bosses that only think about themselves. Good bosses don’t put their careers above all else. Instead they invest enough time to understand the aspirations of their employees and invest more in each of them. They cross train and develop deep bench; to reduce specialization in the team. We should set targets for the number of people we want to promote this year. Performance indicators should be used to put people in the right place.

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3. Don’t waste their time:

Many bosses think that their time is much more valuable than their team’s. Disorganized meeting could cause larger opportunity costs and fuzzy visions may cause rework. Good bosses don’t hold stupid meetings and make their employees wait needlessly. Instead of distracting our employees each time we have new tasks; it is better to make a list of things each person should do in the duration of the project. It is also necessary to ask the team for feedback on things we should do to save them time.

4. Listen to their input:

Employees are closer to customers than we are. Their field experience could give them big ideas and they may want to share them with others. Jerky bosses often think that they know better. Don’t ask if we don’t really want listen to their opinions. Respect their ideas if we want their respect. We should slow down enough to understand what they are saying.

5. Manage pressure and stress:

In the office, stress can be contagious; especially when they boss is moody. Bosses also need to understand the mood of their employees and find ways to lessen them. Even during distress, true leaders could stay collected. We should notice pattern of stress and things that set it off. Prayer, physical exercises, yoga and meditation are things that can help us to release stress. Good bosses ask their employees to notify when work intensities have become too much. Also, employees should be able to talk with us about how we make them feel. Employees often devote more discretionary effort to those they respect most.

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