There are many of us that would like to have a bit of extra money. We might hope that we will win the lottery or get some sort of windfall, but there are ways that you could start getting that money right away. Below are some suggestions that you could try out to get yourself some more money.

Ask for a pay rise
If you are employed then the best way to get more money from your job is to ask for a pay rise. You may feel a bit worried about doing this, but it is unlikely that you will be looked upon badly as a result. By asking you will either be told ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and that is likely to be as far as it will go. You would be silly to ask if you have only just received one, but otherwise it is always worth asking to find out if you can earn more money, without having to put in any extra effort.

Increase your working hours
It may be possible that you could work more hours and earn some extra money that way. You may not be able to get extra overtime rates of pay, but you may still be able to get more money if you put more time in. It is worth finding out and considering whether it is the right option for you.

Get a second job
It is always possible to get a second job and bring in another source of income. Perhaps something in the evenings or weekends could generate extra income. Obviously, this idea will not suit everyone, but if you have the time and energy then it could be a way of generating that extra income that you want.

Sell things
You may have a selection of possessions that you could sell and raise some money form. This is not as good as finding an extra income source as each item will only raise money once. However, it could be a way to clear some clutter and get some extra cash in. You can use an online site or social media to sell or have a sale at your home or pay for a table at a local sale.

Start a business
A way that you could use your spare time to raise money is to start your own business. You will have to check with your employer to see whether you are allowed to do this alongside your job. Most jobs do allow it and you could find yourself being able to earn a second income this way. It can be exciting but it is wise to try not to invest too much money at the beginning just in case it does not work out as planned.