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The Australian Dream is simple; financial stability and owning your own home. Becoming a franchisee is the modern-day equivalent of the Australian Dream and it’s clear to see why. One never knows determination until it’s your own business, and the freedom it affords you means that one-way tickets anyway are well within the realms of reality. Here’s why getting business savvy in 2018 is the bright idea you have been waiting for.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom. Enough said, right? The average person will never know true financial freedom, and while there is nothing wrong with that – some of us are looking for more than a monthly salary. The beauty of franchising means you can park your assets into a business, as well as generate more revenue to grow your portfolio. Franchising will automate your cash flow and allow you to travel, invest and take opportunities that others may not be able to quantify. As it’s your own franchise you can also govern how many staff you employee, what suppliers you use and how much marketing you do – the freedom is entirely yours!

Own your time

Your time is arguably a more valuable commodity that money. A scary thought when we spend our lives in front of a computer, day in and day out, working to put more profit into a CEO’s pocket. Owning your own franchise means that you can jump on a plane at a moments notice, go to every destination wedding and celebrate the important moments in life without having to be tied to a desk to make money. Having a reduced work schedule also means that you have the time to self develop and keep an eye out for the next business opportunity.

Investment or day job

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At the end of the day, a franchise is what you make it. There are the franchise owners who are essentially employees who open up shop every morning and close every evening. But there are also the franchise owners who sit in another country altogether! The beauty of franchising is that you can be either one, or even mix it up and be both from time to time. You can treat this as a day job and mentor your staff to be the best, and represent the brand as you see fit. Or you can choose industry leaders to manage for you, empowering them to take the reins and get you in the loop when they really need to.

Create something

We can’t all be Phil Knight, the creator of Nike and one of the most influential figures of our time.  But who says we can’t build something that makes us feel like Phil Knight? If you have ever wondered as an employee what it would be like if you were calling the shots, then you might be ready to take the plunge and look into your own franchise. Choose an industry or brand that speaks to your values, and bring it to life with your own magic and truly create something of your own.

We apply for jobs without thinking, and climb the totem pole with ease. But when it comes to backing ourselves with no safety net, we pause. There is so much upside to starting your own franchise with the revenue and time capped at whatever you like.

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