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Salary negotiations are perhaps the most daunting part of job hunting. You must get the compensation you deserve to stick to a job and give your best. Settling for a lowball offer is the last thing you should do because you may get frustrated sooner than later. You may even consider looking for another job due to dissatisfaction with the current one. But money conversation is inherently successful, and discussing it with a smart recruiter is even tougher. You may feel your confidence level dropping more than once during the negotiation process, specifically when you want the job. However, you can work toward a win-win salary with some easy tips. Here are a few foolproof ones to nail a dream salary confidently.

Start with good prep

Being well-prepared gives you a head start with the salary talk. Researching to determine your market worth as a professional keeps your confidence levels on top. Collect current, relevant salary data by checking sites like Payscale and Glassdoor. You can connect directly with the company’s employees in similar roles to get an insider opinion. Since some niches are more competitive, you can demand more than the market average according to your skills and experience. Doing your homework enables you to have a good handle on the conversation. 

Negotiate for overall compensation

Technically, salary negotiation is about salary, but things are different on the table. You must think beyond the basic salary because companies provide non-cash benefits as a part of the overall compensation package. These may differ from company to company, so dig deep before going. For example, you can win an aws job offer negotiation if you know that you can negotiate sign-on bonuses and Restricted Stock Units (RSUs). Typically, non-financial incentives include flexible working hours, low-deductible healthcare plans, and vacation time. Look at the complete package and determine the value of non-cash options to negotiate wisely.

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Avoid going first

Another valuable piece of advice to nail your dream salary is to avoid revealing your salary history or expectations first. Let the recruiter bring the offer to the table instead. Going first is risky, as you may end up naming a low figure or quoting one out of the company’s offer range. Either way, you may end up missing out on a dream opportunity. Letting the recruiter speak puts you in a good place as you know what they are willing to pay. From here, you can use your research insights to nail a figure that matches your expectations.

Be realistic

Be realistic with your asking price, no matter how skilled and experienced you are. An organization may be keen to bring you aboard, but they will have a budget limit. You cannot expect them to overstep it because they can pay less to onboard and spend on training a resource to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency. Going overboard means your recruiter may not actually take you seriously because they also invest in research before advertising positions. Stay realistic, but do not make steep concessions in your asking price.

Win-win negotiators are confident, but they never go overboard. Becoming one requires you to research thoroughly, and follow data instead of chasing random numbers. Follow these easy tips to get the price you deserve! 

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