With people making money through bitcoin mining or through selling their websites it is easy to think that it is really easy to make free online money. However, it is actually very rare for people to make massive amounts of money online, but it is possible for them to make some money and there are many chances to make it for free.

In fact it is very wise to avoid any website which suggests that you pay them money in order to earn. You would not normally pay a potential employer money in order that they give you a job so why do it for an online company? There are also lots of them which will give you opportunities to earn money without you having to pay anything so it does not make sense to use those that do charge.

Getting money for free sounds like you will not have to work for it, but sadly there are very few opportunities to make money without working. There are a few websites where you can play a lottery for free and they are not scams, but they are funded by advertising and you will be expected to visit the site every day in the hope that you will click on the adverts and generate them income or you will be asked to watch videos which are adverts. This means that you will have to put in some time and effort into taking part but you can then have the chance of winning some money. Obviously there is no guarantee that you will get any winnings but it is certainly a cheaper way to do the lottery than buying tickets!

There are other ways that you can get money online for free if you have the time to work for it. There are freelance jobs available as well as small tasks that you can do. Many people like this sort of work as they can pick up jobs which fit in with their lifestyle and only take on the amount of work that they can cope with. It can be a good way to get some extra chunks of money and whether you work or not, you could benefit. It is worth noting though that you will have to declare this income as you may have to pay tax on it if you go above the income tax threshold. It is always wise to keep a note of what you are earning so that you can do this, but remember that lotteries and prizes are not taxable.

It is wise to make sure that you are earning money from companies that will pay out though. Sadly there are some which will not pay you and so you will need to try to make sure that you do not sign up to these. If you read reviews of various companies online, this should help you to be able to pick ones that pay. Finding websites where people discuss how they make money can be a good place to find out about sites which do pay. They will be likely to recommend sites which have paid them and if you find a selection of different people recommending a site then this is a really good sign.