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The competition in any online business is so fierce that if your website is inaccessible even for a moment, you risk losing potential customers. People in this cyber-age are not going to stay put till your website is back in working condition. And why should they? There are a million other websites they can visit for what they want. If you want your business to grow, be noticed by others and to remain in the spotlight forever, your website has to run without any troubles. This is only possible when you hire services of a reliable web hosting company.

Choosing a top web hosting company has its own advantages:

1) You get the best service at the best competitive price.

2) The servers they provide are the best of their kind and you will be able to communicate with your audience very effectively. Transmission of data becomes easy. It will be stored securely and its confidentiality shall be maintained to the utmost degree. You also have an option to back up your data which makes retrieving information at any point of time possible without any troubles.

3) Web hosting companies can cater to needs that are specific as well as general. They offer customized solutions to specific needs which help you to get complete control over your domain.

4) A web hosting company has a customer support service that is thoroughly able to explain all options available in dedicated, VPS and shared hosting and also helps you with domain name registration. You can also chat online with an expert who helps you in choosing a package best suited for your needs.

Contact only a dependable company so that you get the best packages at the best affordable prices. Prefer one that has a wide variety of options available at reasonable prices. According to your niche, you can then pick out the best option.

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Before choosing a package, you need to decide which type of server you should use. Basically there are three types of web hosting solutions – dedicated, VPS and shared.

1) Dedicated servers: Out of the three, dedicated servers are the best option. When you use a dedicated server for your website, there are no downtime issues. The security protocol of dedicated servers is so strong that your data’s safety is fully assured and you can enjoy peace of mind. If you want to open a website in any niche that is sure to pull a high amount of traffic, dedicated servers are the best option. They consistently deliver good performance for a long time. Moreover, you can use several web applications at one time without overloading the server and it does not affect the server’s performance. With a dedicated server, there is no need to share space. These servers can meet business requirements which demand heavy use of resources and require complex processes to run for a long time.

2) VPS or virtual private servers: VPS or virtual private servers are basically meant for those who cannot afford dedicated servers but still don’t want to share space with others. The best kind of hardware is used for these servers and you get an optimal performance with a stability that lasts longer. This enables you to operate your site in a flawless manner. It is also a cost saving option for entrepreneurs especially when compared to dedicated servers.

3) Shared web hosting: Shared web hosting is designed for owners with limited budget. They can avail these services at low cost. Bloggers who start out new can benefit tremendously by this option. Further, we take a more detailed look at shared web hosting.

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Most of the web hosting packages are available mainly in two types: Shared and Reseller web hosting.


With shared web hosting, webmasters get access to their website through a shared control panel.

Advantages of shared web hosting – 1) It costs less when compared to dedicated and VP servers and reseller hosting. 2) It uses less server capacity. 3) You can share multiple websites when using shared web hosting. 4) The options provided to create your own website are so friendly, that even novices can carry out web development. 5) In shared web hosting, multiple domains can be hosted under one account and expanding your website becomes very easy.

Shortcomings – There are, however, certain disadvantages to using shared web hosting. 1) You get limited bandwidth and space and limited accounts and databases with slow performance for high traffic. 2) Users don’t possess administrator level access and functionality is limited to shared hosting accounts.


In reseller web hosting, the main idea is that space and bandwidth are purchased to resell to a third party, either fully or in part. It is mostly used to host a large number of small accounts from one place. The reseller manages all sub-accounts in his domain with a master control panel. Those who want to sell web hosting can avail reseller web hosting. In case anyone is not interested in purchasing the web hosting you buy, you can use it to set up your own web hosting service. Advantages – 1) You have the leverage of setting up your own hosting packages. 2) The package prices are not too high and you can pay fees in monthly installments to the company from which you have originally bought the web hosting package. 3) You get business ownership with complete domain rights.

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Now that we know which types of servers and packages should be chosen, let’s take a look at why you should prefer web hosting servers that use MS Windows above all others.

A lot of web applications use Windows these days and have been doing it since a long time. If you want to create a website using the ASP.NET framework, Windows web hosting is the best choice. The main purpose of any Windows web hosting server is to make it easy for you to host a website and other applications from the DOTNET platform.

Benefits of Windows Web Hosting:

Windows Web Hosts are a bit expensive. However, the benefits they offer surpass the price you pay for them.

Some of the prime benefits of using Windows web hosting servers are the following: 1) Windows web host servers integrate smoothly with any Windows application. 2) Security levels offered to the user are very high. 3) Developers can create dynamic websites easily with Windows Hosts. 4) User-friendliness and compatibility are assured all the time. 5) Better results are generated for popularly used databases like MySQL and MSDE and they provide complete integration with the DOTNET platform. 6) Despite of incurring a high amount of traffic load, these hosts are capable of remaining stable without crashing.

To sum up, smooth operation of your website is very necessary if you want to market your business properly especially through the online platform. It is only possible when you hire the services of a reliable web hosting company. Before choosing a web hosting package, understand the different types of servers available and which types of packages you should prefer. In addition, the operating system a server uses also plays an important role in deciding which hosting package you should choose



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