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College doesn’t have to be a time when you create debt. Instead, you can fund your current lifestyle by getting a job that will both pay the bills and set you up for employment success when you graduate. And the jobs don’t have to be boring! Below are some fun, casual job options to consider that will fit around your study schedule:

  1.   Swim Instructor

If you love the water and enjoy teaching children, teaching swimming lessons for kids can be a great gig during college. This job looks great on the resume of a future educator, and it can also be intrinsically rewarding as you help children overcome their fears or learn a valuable life skill.

  1.   Nanny

One incredible thing about college is that you get to create your schedule. Plenty of colleges offer classes later in the afternoon or evening, which creates an excellent opening for a job as a nanny during the day. If you love children, why not get paid to watch some consistently? You can give yourself a break from the grind of studying while allowing that little kid inside you to have some quality playtime. If you want to maximize your price per hour in this role, consider taking low-cost classes on babysitting or becoming CPR certified.

  1.   Social Media/Internet Assessor

College students tend to spend long hours on social media and the internet, why not get paid for it? In addition to a good wage, a job assessing a business’ social media content typically offers a great deal of flexibility. There is no need to go into an office or dress for work when you can perform your job from literally anywhere on a mobile device. Also, the more that you learn about what is working for a business, the better your social media profiles can be, which may open up lucrative opportunities in the future.

  1.   Content Writer/Editor
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If you enjoy writing, two fantastically flexible jobs that will work well with your study schedule are writing and editing content. When you create or edit content, you are typically given assignments with a due date, allowing you to structure your work schedule around your studies. The best part is that there are plenty of platforms for freelancers, creating easy access to this type of work. Content creation and editing is also a great resume-builder for students studying writing or journalism.

  1.   Extra

Don’t let those good looks and acting skills go to waste—become an extra on a TV or movie set. If you live in a popular filming location, look into your nearby agencies to see the available opportunities and get out there. You could get paid for a day of performing simple tasks like walking, sitting, or smiling, and you might even see yourself in the movie.

College can be a great time to get a fun, casual job that you love that also looks good on your resume and works with your class schedule. If you love working with children, consider teaching swimming lessons or working with a nanny. If you want to get paid for the time you spend on social media, become a Social Media/Internet Assessor. If you enjoy writing, consider creating or editing content. Finally, if you want to see yourself on the big screen, join an agency and get paid to be an extra. College is a great time to try that job you always thought could be fun.

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