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As a realtor, it is hard to deny that the business has experienced a significant shift in how clients buy and sell houses for the last ten years. Even the pros have had a fair share of challenges in generating sales for their real estate. While real estate agents are vital to the process of buying a home, buyers are increasingly doing footwork online before consulting the experts. Agents need to maintain a healthy pipeline of sales even through the tough times.

Generating higher sales presents a set of challenges since the competition is so fierce whether you are a seasoned pro or just a beginner. A study carried out by the National Association of Realtors shows that 92% of home buyers will begin their quest online, strongly hinting to the vital need of real estate agents to have an online presence.

This article will discuss some of the ways to generate more sales for any real estate agent.


Look to get partnerships with local businesses for mutual benefits. Look to form alliances mostly with real estate players, such as contractors, banks, mortgage officers, landscapers, cleaning services, and title companies. These alliances are bound to get you more sales as they are easier to meet up with prospective and stand a chance to gain from your services as you refer your clients to them.


The more significant part of today’s population is using one social media platform or the other. Having a presence in most of the platforms increases your availability to the clients. Since the study shows that 92% of prospective clients will start online, having a presence will surely endeavor to get you more massive sales. Having a social media presence will increase your communication efficiency with clients as opposed to having to schedule meetings to communicate. Social media platforms will allow for clients to reach out to you out of necessity.

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Your brand is something that you will carry with you in any industry you go to. In all forms of business, branding has become the forefronts of marketing, and every business is looking to grow its brand. Building a brand will include making a website that is catchy and appealing to the client; it should be easy to use. Create a killer business card, hand them out, create videos, and take photos for your website. Let the people know that you mean business. With that, make sure that you deliver on your word, for delivery holds the most significant portion of your brand.

Do not forget to optimize your website for high visibility on online search engines. Clients are twice as much quicker to check out sites that appear on their first page after searching. This gives sites on the first page higher chances of getting more sales.


Referrals have outshone the conventional cold calling of clients. Some of them are not usually interested in your services and may also take offense in you, keeping on contacting them against their will. Referrals save you time and money as it gives you immediate contact with prospective. The big issue becomes how to ask for real estate referrals. Getting referrals can be tricky, but you could try asking a client politely to give you a referral once you have cleared your deal with them, and more than likely, depending on how you have handled them, a client will oblige. You could also try giving out incentives by offering your clients a free house tour video if they are trying to sell a house in exchange for a referral.

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