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Running a market stall for a few hours will leave you in no doubt as to who your customers are and what they want. Nothing is left to chance. Make that a busy fruit and vegetable market and you’ll know all about competition and pricing. You’ll learn about position, advertising and marketing as well. If you don’t shout out loud, then no one will even know you are there! Your business is no different and using that analogy can really help you see what you need to be doing. Understanding your customers is at the centre of it all. Know your customer and what they want and you will succeed.

Attract them to you

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Have you ever noticed in a busy market how some stalls are surrounded by people clamoring to buy and how some are empty? These can be stalls that are essentially selling the same or very similar products. It is just that some are doing it better than others. It is true that they may have been doing it for a while and have some customer loyalty. But the word has spread. New visitors arrive at the market every moment They look around and see where the activity is. They think there must be value and off they go!

Get to know your customer and form a bond with them. Give them value and satisfy their needs and they will come back. They will tell their friends and the word will spread. Give new customers a reason to stay and purchase and they will be flattered. Underneath it all we want a relationship that is valuable and mutual. If you have found a good thing then why would you not want to take advantage of it?

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Go out and seek them

You would not take your fruit and vegetable stall to a busy restaurant. But take your stall to where people have income and have the time to browse and they may well buy. The single best thing you can do in business is to target customers who are willing and able to buy. That is where a specialised list makes sense. Target your customers and your business will do better for less outlay.

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Your company might deal with financial services for example, or it may offer products that appeal to homeowners. The same strategy applies. Finding the customers is crucial. Working with mortgage mailing lists will give you direct access to people who have the proven ability to make use of your particular services. They will also have other interests. If your business can target them, you will have more success. Lists can be targeted a range of markets and customers. They are invaluable to any business seeking to expand and find new customers.

Build loyalty

Opening a dialogue and building a relationship is central to any business and yours should be no exception. You are no different in many ways to the market stall holder shouting his or her prices. You may have more charm, and your service or product could be more seductive, complex or even simple. It does not make any difference. If you want you business to succeed you must know and understand what your customers want.


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